Yugioh dating sim game

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it would be nice if they gave us a female character to play as though, it really wouldnt be that much of a stretch for this game to be called a dating sim as it is, except you are cultivating friendship instead of romance.

It behaves and cheeky boy is not ready to communicate with her.

Teach a girl to become exemplary and cultural, and she will be a good and kind.

I'm just curious to see if I'm not the only who sort of (Or all the way wishes like me) wishes that this game had a bit of a dating sim twist with a Yu-Gi-Oh dash, haha I mean you know it would be interesting?

Of course I wouldn't like it to drive out the Yu-Gi-Oh aspect of the game, but yeah. Don't mind if I get contradicted by the way I was just hoping to see a view of ideas x then it might cross the pg13 barrier, assuming they make it like a good dating sim (good meaning hentai bases) the game would not be about cards anymore, but thats probably not what you meant.

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