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The Tom Tom Traffic Index ranks 390 cities from 48 countries around the world.

Among the top 100 worst congested were 11 UK cities, with only China having more.

Belfast was named the most congested city in the UK (and 18th busiest in the world) followed by Edinburgh and London.

The busiest day on the roads in London last year was revealed to be Thursday, June 23rd, when British motorists took to the polls to vote on the referendum.

Perhaps it's here that Twitter user Emily Hughes's (@emilyhughes) comment about reading his comments in Donald Trump's voice in her head is most hilarious (read: sad).

During the "Awkward Moment" section, the woman says, "A couple of times he told me not to be nervous.

That is, unless you're in the romantic "one per cent" — a group attractive enough, successful enough and elite enough to get your own velvet rope experience.

If you go to a bar hoping to meet someone, a Bushwick, NY bartender says that the most essential thing is to focus on having a good time—not desperately perusing the scene. “People think so much about who they should have in their group when they go out, where they should go, who they should be around—you always ultimately want to be the one having a good time. “Recently I saw a guy who kept telling a girl he was lonely, and that it’s so hard to meet someone,” a Williamsburg bartender says. “I don't usually say anything to folks I recognize, but for some reason I was like, ‘Hey, I just served you the other day, right?Yet, from a distance, he can tell how a date is going, almost instantly. Or at the very least, after aggressively sipping their first to give an alibi to awkward pauses, the second round isn't merely a desperate gesture.“If a date is going well, they look friendly, warm, genuinely interested,” he says. Any date that looks or sounds like a weirdly intimate job interview is not going well.” This isn’t so much advice as it is a plea to make public spaces more enjoyable.The stories the daters tell paint a picture of a completely different date, and it's actually pretty comical — it reads like a parody, but then, so much of writing about dating does.To start, he gets pissy because she was late (which in New York is basically early), while she apologetically states she was only three minutes late and that he was nice to her regardless.

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