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Matt Koff (Emmy-winning staff writer now on "The Daily Show With Trevor Noah"), Alison Leiby (E!

, New York Times), Josh Rabinowitz (Tru TV's "Friends of the People," Comedy Central's "Comics to Watch") more.

When you’re in the state of filling the void your ex left when he/she walked out of your door, you can’t spell sanity correctly.

Impulses stir you to act carelessly and the result saddens you even more because you seem to be doing things the wrong way.

My intention for my music is pretty simple: I want to make people feel less broken and alone.” Perri sets lovestrong.’s hopeful tone with the second single “Arms,” a towering acoustic-guitar driven tune that builds to an urgent crescendo as its tale of the fight between the heart and the mind unfolds.

“Your heart wants to be loved, but your head is telling you that you shouldn’t be with that person,” Perri says.

In July 2010, a struggling singer-songwriter and musician named Christina Perri had a life-changing moment when she was asked to perform a song she had written, a defiant break-up anthem called “Jar of Hearts,” on the Fox show So You Think You Can Dance.

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Regina Spektor is just as well known for the funny little eccentricities that pepper her songs as she is for her heartfelt balladry. “The song is about that struggle and finally giving in and letting love win.” It didn’t really register how emotionally raw the album was going to be until Perri’s 20th day in the recording studio.“In the vocal booth, I had to go back to the place and time that made me feel so vulnerable and rip open old wounds to sing each song, sometimes two songs in a day,” she says.If you want to get into events more easily, consider a Summer Stage Membership which offers members express entrance to shows, seats on the bleachers and more.Not Permitted The following cannot be brought into the Central Park venue: large backpacks, luggage, glass bottles, cans, coolers, folding chairs, bikes, rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, beach umbrellas, video cameras, selfie sticks, musical instruments, professional camera gear or pets (service animals are allowed).

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