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Two words have come to define Julie Chen’s career: “But first.”Overtly, it’s her oft-used transition between Big Brother segments.A viral video highlighting her nearly identical delivery of the line and accompanying movements over many seasons earned her the nickname “The Chenbot.” But over the course of the series' 17 seasons, she’s learned to embrace the expression and even turned it into a cheeky catchphrase.You must have faced worse racism than anything any of these Houseguests could throw at you or me, because I know that in a white corporate conglomerate being Asian sets you apart. Talking about “hot” topics on “The Talk” to promote is one thing and I understand the need for ratings and Poppy sightings, but Julie…can you walk the walk in addition to the talkity-talk and do something more? I know you’re “normal” off-camera but I don’t care if you do something on or off any camera.Racism is closeted and hidden to the highest degree, and I don’t want to judge you anymore for what you felt you had to do to fit in to be a cookie-cutter journalist…and apple of the Moonves eye. I don’t like how you got to where you got, but I recognize the impact you could have if you didn’t just “sit by and watch like the rest of us.” We’ve seen where that’s led in history. Represent yourself and nobody else for a moment and draw the line somewhere?

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Contracts for show-creator Gilbert, Chen and Osbourne have all been extended while options for Remini and Peete were not renewed, with no direct reasoning for the dismissals, according to

More significantly though, “but first” is essentially what Chen heard at every turn as she embarked on a career in television news.

Yes, you can be an assignment reporter, but first you have to do it at half the salary. OK, maybe we’ll let you slide in here but don’t expect to be treated equally to the others,'” Chen told Buzz Feed News while seated at a table in her dressing room at The Talk. She’s the wisest, most level-headed person I know.”Education was always of utmost importance in the Chen household — both formal and informal, which meant that the nightly news was a constant in her life from a young age.

Your multiple reconstructions to your facial structure to lose your naturally Chinese features sent a message to me and other Asian women at the time, that looking more “white” is how you got ahead in life.

Your drastic plastic surgeries were unacceptable to me then, but now I understand more the pressures you must have been under at the time your career needed a boost.

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