Who is eli marienthal dating andy dating roddick sharapova

In December 2007, Summit Entertainment cast Gigandet in the planned film adaptation of the best selling vampire book series Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.He signed on to portray the role of the film's "tracker" vampire James.Although Eli Marienthal hasn't stated being homosexual, it's easier to come out in the world of the actors, as there have been many to precedent this. We'll be more than happy if you share with us any fresh news about the question - Is Eli Marienthal gay? Feel free to share your comments on Facebook so your friends can participate adding replies and publishing their own opinions.2006 - Present Cam Gigandet has been dating actress Dominique Geisendorff since 2006, and the two live together in Los Angeles.

Nevertheless, speculations over whether Eli Marienthal is gay or not are still present in certain corners of the tabloids and on various websites, once again without any solid foundation.

More and more celebrities admit every year that they are gay, but this is not the case with Eli Marienthal since this celebrity never said so.

Celebrities such as Eli Marienthal haven't admitted they are homosexual, this is because they are definitely not gay or because they are and do not want to go public.

He started his Film career in 1996 with American Christmas TV movie Unlikely Angel.

In 1999 he was featured as Matthew "Matt" Stifler in American Pie, he was also featured in same role in American Pie 2.

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