Who is brooke davis dating

Brooke Davis: [to Owen] You know, not many people can handle a ' Brooke Davis'. Owen: [to Millicent, commenting her look] You're the prettiest girl in the room. Mia's performing tonight and she's really nervous. Nathan Scott: I realized how boring bars can be without alcohol. Brooke Davis: [approaching Nathan and Haley] Tric needs to establish a ' No Mom' rule. You'll be safely locked in a home by the time you got 35. [to Nathan] Haley James Scott: I gotta get backstage, I'll see you in a bit. [Peyton looking inquiringly] Brooke Davis: [shouting, pointing at her mother on the dance floor] Tell me I don't look like her when I dance! Lucas Scott: Now, you like Peyton and Lindsay, right? Brooke Davis: Hey, what happened with you and Milly? I hand deliver a hot girl to you and you're worried about work? Marvin ' Mouth' Mc Fadden: Listen, I'm having enough problems with older ladies running my life. Marvin ' Mouth' Mc Fadden: I've kinda been seeing my boss. Marvin ' Mouth' Mc Fadden: Sleeping with? Peyton Sawyer: [entering Brooke's store] Your mom's a bitch! Peyton Sawyer: She went to the recording studio and freaked out Mia who is MIA, imagine that, and now I don't have an artist. In case you have to hear it, you have zero business sense! You're a talented designer, Brooke but you don't spin the straw to gold. Truth be told, you're not smart enough to do it.

Now the man in that photo looks like a guy to me that still cares about something. The smaller door on the right side of the house is the one that led to Lucas' bedroom on the show, where you never knew who would be waiting outside the door. This is another iconic location from the series and is probably best known for Peyton's red bedroom and her bedroom window where Psycho Derek fell through.As you can see from the basketball hoop outside the house, this one is now occupied (unfortunately not by P. While my boyfriend was taking a picture of me in front of the house, a guy drove by with his window down and says, "That's not actually house; it just looks a lot like it!There are so many amazing things about Wilmington; it's a really beautiful city.And as a "One Tree Hill" fan, it holds a very special place in your heart, so when you visit, make sure you visit these locations!

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