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It can be objected that I am speaking of political freedom in spiritual terms, but the political institutions of any nation are always menaced and are ultimately controlled by the spiritual state of that nation.I know, because I saw the great American nightmare—the vapid confusion, the spiritual decay—in Madison Square Garden last week. And I might’ve let him walk gently into the good night if my friend and former Tablet colleague Adam Chandler hadn’t enticed me to go and behold Joel in person, and if that concert hadn’t taken place just a month after the inauguration of Donald John Trump to the presidency of the United States of America, and if I didn’t come to believe, cowering in the arena among the mid-aged boppers who were there to give “Uptown Girl” one more stroll down memory lane, that Billy Joel is not an individual artist but a symptom of more or less everything that is wrong with America today. This being Joel’s 38th of a 42-night residency at the Garden—the biggest! The most spectacular tour ever, as large canvases hanging over the metal detectors at the entrance to the Garden cheerfully informed us—the show was a straight-up string of the 33-Hit Wonder’s greatest hits.Ireland Baldwin's doing wonders for the sequined collars and cuffs industry ... The 20-year-old model showed off just about everything for a "treats! " shoot that features her in see-through tops, mesh tops and NO tops at all -- and we scored this behind-the-scenes video. In January 2001, Burton announced that his return was only temporary due to his commitment to film a pilot for his Dream Works Television development deal.Whether he returned to the role full-time would depend on whether the series was picked up.

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actor Steve Burton, who joined the cast in 1991 and vacated the role in 2012.

The pilot was not picked up, Burton landed a role in a major motion picture leading to his departure on April 29, 2001.

In late 2008, Burton's contract expired and forcing to make a decision on re-signing with the show.

Don’t you just hate it, Joel asked his admiring audience, when nostalgia acts keep on touring and drag their old hits onstage?

Before I even had the chance to bask in this small flame of human warmth—Billy Joel, of course, was in the midst of an interminable nostalgia act of his own, so his quip had to be an attempt at self-deprecating humor, right? He sang a few more bars in a grotesque baritone, which sounded nothing like Bobby Hatfield or Bill Medley.

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