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Rumor on the web has it that the famous actress has her mind set on winning back Banderas' heart.It's been said that Griffith regrets the decision of pulling the plug on her marriage to the A-Lister."They've both been married twice before and are just enjoying having fun," said the source.Sharon's remarks come on the heels of another denial, this one from Indian actress Mallika Sherawat, who was photographed dancing with Antonio during last month's Cannes Film Festival.after which her father married model-actress Nanita Greene and had two more children: Tracy Griffith, who also became an actress, and Clay A. Her mother married agent and producer Noel Marshall.During her childhood and adolescent years, she lived part of the time in New York with her father and part-time in Antelope Valley, California, where her mother formed the animal preserve Shambala. Her first major role was in Arthur Penn's Night Moves (1975), in which she did several racy nude scenes at the age of 17."They are my family." She added, "I find this salacious, unkind, unfounded reporting to be the typical pretense of what passes as 'journalism' today." magazine claimed the duo "have always flirted outrageously" and were now closer than ever.

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The 1990s saw Griffith in a series of roles which received varying critical reception: she received Golden Globe nominations for her performances in Buffalo Girls (1995), and as Marion Davies in RKO 281 (1999), while also earning a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress for her performances in Shining Through (1992), as well as receiving nominations for Crazy in Alabama (1999) and John Waters' cult film Cecil B. Other roles include in John Schlesinger's Pacific Heights (1990), Milk Money (1994), the neo-noir film Mulholland Falls (1996), as Charlotte Haze in Adrian Lyne's Lolita (1997), and Another Day in Paradise (1998).When he said it he was upset and obviously going through a rough time,” she told Radar.PHOTOS: Solid As A Rock – 15 Of The Longest Marriages In Hollywood “I just told him he should fix whatever is going on and I hope they come to better terms.Griffith appeared in advertisements and briefly worked as a child model before abandoning the career, citing extreme shyness as the reason. This drew attention to her and typecast her as a nymphet in films such as Smile, The Drowning Pool (both also 1975), and One on One (1977).She was cast as "Melanie", the daughter of her real life mother, Tippi Hedren, in the film Roar (1981), directed by then-stepfather Noel Marshall.

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