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less The Alamo 300 Alamo Plaza It has long been said that the defenders of the Alamo are still living in the walls of the historical landmark, given they were dumped in a mass grave after their violent deaths. A boy named Little Eddie, who's said to have died of polio at age 12, is also reported to haunt the building. Before Frank the restaurant moved in, the building was a Methodist church, the Alamo Street Restaurant and Theater and Casbeer's at the Church. more Suicide Oak Corner of Patterson Avenue and Torcido Drive in Alamo Heights Legends say a girl hung herself from the tree, located at Patterson and Torcido Drive (and seen here in the San Antonio Light in 1911), after a fight ended her relationship with a motorman on the Alamo Heights streetcar line.

Eddie's said to be a bit more mischievous: he enjoys levitating or moving objects and shoving people from behind. The tree has long since toppled, and the legend proven untrue, but it persists to this day.

Burhou Island is just one and a quarter miles northwest of Alderney.

Despite being only half a mile long and one fifth of a mile wide, Burhou is a bird sanctuary which is home to 11 species of breeding birds.

It really tore me up to think about Shorty getting the privilege of Kelly's gorgeous body, and I knew how much that horrible little pervert would have enjoyed having his way with her. A few nights later, Shorty demanded Kelly come across the street to his house and fuck him again. If she didn't, he said he'd tell the cops everything.

He also said if I tried to skip town or anything, he'd tell them everything anyway and give them details about Kelly's family and show them a picture of what I looked like, so they'd be sure to find me.

Some versions of the tale tell of a pioneer woman who drowns her children to "save" them after her husband is killed by bandits or Indians.

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