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It's not a question about IF they find out; it's a question about WHEN they find out. Another thing is that your personal information can become visible, often quite easily.

Since Paypal is a good service to use online, it's not worth the risk of losing accounts and become black listed. They have confirmed that adult content is okay.) - Entro Pay (US only) - OKPay (Non US) - Paxum (They have confirmed that adult content is okay.) - Payoneer (They have confirmed that adult content is okay.) - CCBill (They have confirmed that adult content is okay.) - Zombaio (Customized for Adult entertainment industry.) - Amazon gift cards. If you work on a camsite, using that currency is often the best alternative.

Allow me to give you some examples of Pay Pal shutting down legit businesses which had a connection to the adult industry.

If you have a personal account too, it's possible that you will also lose that one.

Even if you transfer all the money directly after seeing them on the account, it's not worth the risk. I think every payment service is taking a small fee, and some of them don't make the payment go through directly.

Unfortunately there are many people out there who are dishonest and willing to go to strange lengths to get free shows or content from Cam Girls.

This is something that has happened with many independant webcam models.

Luckily, there’s some alternatives that allow for adult content.

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