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A very moving ceremony hosted by the Greenpeace crew and the Ngati Kura, who put everyone up at the marae. Lucy 12/10/12 -- My dear friends, I have read thru each and every Feel the Love pledge and I am so grateful for your continued generosity. Just 30 second vids which I'll tweet, if I can figure out how. 7/17/16 -- Lucy at San Diego Comic Con participating in 2 panels (see above). 3/9/15 -- Yes, Lucy will be joining Bruce Campbell in the Evil Dead tv series! She will play Countess Marburg, one of the last remaining survivors of the line of ancient German witches. " (click images to view):10/20/13 -- The Feel the Love pledge list has been sent to Lucy. They just keep coming 10/15/13 -- And another pledge! 10-Minute Skype with Lucy -- 10 crew vest -- 0 Lucy/Xena costume piece -- 09/24/13 -- Starship auctions! It is a very serene piece and would look good in a garden setting or close to water.

She managed to get through to the next round of The Voice on Saturday - and Linda Lusardi's lookalike daughter, Lucy Kane talked about her famous family on Monday.

Aside from her interest in writing and reading prose, she also likes shopping, cooking, and assertive men. Lucy cares greatly for her Spirits and will also go to great lengths to give them happiness, even at the cost of her life.

Despite technically being an owner of the Spirits, she refuses to be addressed as such and instead prefers to be called their friend.

Faced with the choice, Lucy said: "I feel like I've grown up with Tom's music.

A wonderful husband, father and grandfather shuffled off his mortal coil today. The Deep Sea & Our Precarious Nature is at Co CA (Center of Contemporary Art, 66 Gloucester St., Christchurch NZ) on Saturday February 18, 5-7pm A talk by actor and Greenpeace Climate Ambassador Lucy Lawless and climate-focused campaigners will be the closing highlight of Co CAs provocative exhibition, Precarious Nature. To book your ticket to this event, visit My darling friends! Writer, director and actor Fiona Samuel, multi-award-winning biographer Lucy Hughes Hallett (UK) and actor George Henare are also doing the honours. 4/24/14 -- Parks and Recreation finale airs tonight with Lucy! pic.twitter.com/1c2w Y7Rt1q She came over for an interview -except she's interviewing me.

"What I want isn't money, pretty dresses, or fortune forced upon me. Fairy Tail recognizes me as just Lucy and my other family, it's a far more loving family than this!

Check out Lucy Kane who actually took her romper out for the day as she made an appearance on the Lorraine show this morning.

Her cute little number is from Miss Selfridge and we love the floral detailing and sheer sleeves so we're just disappointed it has now sold out.

The all-in-one has been around for years so we're sure you've got a few hanging up in your wardrobe, but why not give your collection an upgrade in time for your next big night out?

A playsuit is perfect for showing off lithe legs without the risk of a Marilyn Monroe moment and with a touch of embellishment it's the perfect choice for evening.

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