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For those of you who installed the Microsoft Windows 7 Activation Checker update (KB971033) you can still uninstall it. Click the option to download the Microsoft file to re-validate your windows 7. Right Click the one Labeled “Update for Windows 7” with update ID “KB971033” or SP1 4. I have verified this method myself and did it before publishing this article. Follow the easy method below (Windows Loader 1.9.7) 3. Click the activation prompt to follow the official steps to validate your windows 6. In the command prompt window type or right click - (easiest and guaranteed working): If you need to re-activate your windows, it has been reported that Daz’s activator works. We highly encourage you to activate your windows through Microsoft by buying it. Scroll down to wher eit lists your current product key Step 3. Go to start - hold shift and click run (If you do not see run, simply type run in the start menu’s search box and click it while holding shift) Note: Holding shift while clicking run opens up run in administrative mode, which is necessary for this process.

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This product provides very detailed information for advanced users.A couple companies, organizations and individuals are operating public recursive DNS servers supporting the DNSCrypt protocol, so that all you need to run is a client.A constantly updated list of open DNSCrypt resolvers can be downloaded to replace the default CSV file shipped with the dnscrypt-proxy client.Firewall setup: although some resolvers may prefer a different port, the default port used by the DNSCrypt protocol is 443.Outgoing queries to this port on both TCP and UDP should be allowed by your firewall.

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