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However, DEA does not create or supply CSOS enabled ordering software.

Suppliers are at liberty to charge for use of the ordering software which they have created or licensed.

GAO also found limitations in DEA's processes for verifying continued eligibility of its registrants.

Of the approximately 1.4 million individual registrations in CSA2 as of March 2014, GAO found 764 registrants who were potentially ineligible because they were reported deceased by SSA, did not possess state-level controlled substance authority, or were incarcerated for felony offenses related to controlled substances.

According to DEA officials, DEA does not have legal authority to require SSNs for individuals applying as a business.

The benefits of CSOS for end users include: Back to Top There is no charge by DEA for CSOS Certificates or for participating in any aspect of the CSOS program.

The key provisions of the proposed rule are discussed below, as are the ongoing CMS actions to combat fraud and abuse.

Require that Prescribers of Part D Drugs Enroll in Medicare: Section 6405 of the Affordable Care Act requires that physicians and non-physician practitioners who order durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies (DMEPOS) or certify home health care must be enrolled in Medicare.

In addition, data analysis is employed to identify prescribers and pharmacies that may warrant further action to curb fraudulent or abusive activities.

With the proposed rule issued January 6, 2014, CMS seeks to provide the agency with new tools to employ when problematic prescribers and pharmacies are identified.

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