Updating your will

Over time, families and relationships shift and change and you may find your will and medical directive needs a good updating to include these new family members or reflect relationship or marriage statuses.

You need to make sure your kids have a named guardian, as well as name who the beneficiaries are and who has power of attorney.

It appears he had forgotten his original Linked In password and could no longer get into that profile to reset it (since the reset email went to a corporate address he could no longer get to).

His older profile was attached to his email address at a former employer.

You should regularly update it, especially when there is a major change in your life, such as a divorce, the birth of a child, or marriage. Late actor, Heath Ledger, allegedly had a will; however, it was written three years prior to the birth of his daughter, Matilda. The takeaway: Update, update, and update your will.

Every one dreams of a fancy big house, where they can stay happily in comfort and luxury.

Sometimes when the laws change, your will needs to update in order to reflect those changes.

Tax laws change every few years, and your will needs to be updated as the laws change so you know your beneficiaries are receiving what you’d like them to receive.

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