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But, before I do, there’s one more thing I want to ask you: Because it has matured over time.The value in a blog post isn’t the few thousand visitors you get right away, it’s the tens or hundreds of thousands of visitors that you get over the next few years from search results.It not only makes good financial sense to make the most of your old content, but it’s best for your new readers as well.I’m about to show you 5 different ways that you can drive traffic to old posts on your blog.However, maintaining and updating old content, especially your most successful content, is hugely important.Keep reading to learn why you should update old posts, how to choose which posts to update, and what to update when you decide to take the plunge. It’s the idea of working smarter rather than harder.(As a matter of fact, if you’re interested in writing about blogging or Thesis, you can pitch me ideas at news (at) diythemes (dot) com). You can invite people to interview you Interviews are a great way to get exposure.

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You can always come back to this as your content and your site matures.Because you value that freshness, so does Google; over time, fresher results are more likely to sit higher in the results.Frequent, or even occasional, updates signal to Google that you are paying attention to this content by adding new information.After all, new blogs don’t have links so they don’t rank well, and new blogs don’t have readers so they have no one to share their content. (Or, well, you might, but it will take a long time) However, if you reallocate your time from writing for your blog to working on getting exposure, you can get 1,000 (or even 10,000) readers in no time at all. In the beginning, a few times a month should suffice. You can write guest posts While I’m not a fan of guest posting, this is one of the easiest ways to get your name on a large blog.For example, back when I launched Social Triggers, it grew into one of the leading blogs about marketing in less than a year. Because I made sure my name popped up on every major blog about marketing that I could find. Then, with all your newly found free time, you should work on getting your name plastered all over related blogs. You give content, the large blog gives you exposure.

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