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They send out a police car to pick him up every morning and bring him in to work in a vault-like room."According to IBM, 92 of the top 100 banks use mainframes and 71% of all Fortune 500 companies have their core businesses on a mainframe.

And yet few students are graduating college with mainframe skills, partly because schools are not teaching them, says Livesay.

This "key-person risk" is compounded by the fact that banks are having trouble finding talented young techies who want to work in a bank and a shortage of people with mainframe and COBOL skills.

The mainframe was supposed to have been be replaced by farms of smaller commodity servers and cloud computing by now, but it still endures at many banks."It's really hard to get new graduates interested in those old technologies," says Bruce Livesay, the CIO at First Horizon National Corp., the billion-asset parent of First Tennessee Bank in Memphis. S.'s aging population and the fact that many banks' legacy systems were built 40 or more years ago by people who are now headed for retirement.

Brunel University London is dedicated to enhancing student employability and enriching study with real work experience.

Brunel Talent Bank is a secure online portal, operated by Brunel University London Job Shop to help students connect to a wide range of employers and provide a variety of work opportunities, both on campus and externally.

Apart from the additional income, you will gain experience and exposure to different types of work, both casual and course-related, which will provide you with valuable workplace skills and confidence.

It​ is a​ ​single portal to access non-permanent talent, including: King's College London student workers, temporary staff, alumni, visiting lecturers and contractors.

The Talent Bank can be searched by managers at KCL.

If you have talent, drive and a commitment to excellence, we want to hear from you.

Job opportunities available to external applicants are listed on our website.

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