The dating game a bleach fanfic

Underneath her standard Shinigami captain's uniform, Soifon wears the uniform of the Commander-in-chief of the Onmitsukidō, which has no sleeves and doesn't cover the back, though she does wear long black arm bands.

Her hair is worn short with two long braids bound in white cloth each ending in a large golden ring.

Detailed descriptions of physical interaction of sexual or violent nature is considered Fiction MA.

Karin has dark grey eyes and black hair that is straight and cropped to hang around her face, just above her shoulders.

Along the way, you'll explore a (not so)faithfully rendered world of Equestria, have fun adventures with your new friends and maybe get some ta-uh, I mean snazzy rewards and candy!

Fiction M can contain adult language, themes and suggestions.As a result, Karin is the more hardened and least emotional between the two, resulting in her not being affected by most events that would more or less bring tears to Yuzu's eyes.Despite these obvious differences, both girls remain close.Compared to her soft-spoken twin sister, Yuzu, Karin is a more authoritative and out-spoken person.Karin's tough exterior results from her mother's death; because she could not be useful around the house like Yuzu, she resolved never to cry so that she would not burden her family with her personal troubles.

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