Tfs warehouse not updating

While you might want to figure out Reporting Services to provide custom reports automatically to your team and customers, I personally get the most value out of using my trusty old bedfellow, the tool that got me my first paid “programming” gig and is probably the most abused software package on the planet – Excel.Excel is a great tool for doing ad-hoc data analysis and digging into some numbers to try and figure something out.The following exception occurred while the managed IDb Command interface was being used: Invalid column name 'Plan Owner__SID'. Strange thing is that I have recreated the databases and it continues to have this problem.The Database TFS_warehouse collect data from TFS_Configuration and TFS_Project Collection. How to recreate the Data warehosue and the Analysis service for TFS?We had a power failure in the data center this past week, and it looks like on reboot, the service failed to start.Our new data center isn’t running at production levels yet, so a power failure due to human error is not surprising.

If you are not the intended recipient any use, disclosure or copying of this email is unauthorised.It also makes a great prototyping tool to help you figure out exactly what the regular report is that you want to see and then you can go figure out in SQL Reporting Services.Another great feature about Excel is that many managers are very happy to fiddle around in Excel so rather than having them bother you with questions about how the project is going you can simply point them at Excel and it will keep them quiet for days as they slice and dice the data :-) Let’s get started with doing TFS Data Analysis in Excel by trying to dig into which projects are active in our TFS instance – let’s see which Team Projects are having files checked in over time.My SQL Administrator has given me permissions to access the TFS Data Warehouse so I log in using my Windows credentials.Not that we use the TFS reports that much, but I noticed the main report on the front page of project site in Share Point, showed the warehouse hadn’t been updated in a couple of days.

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