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Police say Shockey and the "teen" made plans to meet at the Jacksons gas station on Caldwell Boulevard in Nampa Thursday, and Shockey told her he would take her back to his apartment in Boise for sex.Before he arrived at the gas station, Shockey messaged the fake profile again, telling the "girl" that if she just wanted to hang out instead of having sex, "that would be OK," according to court documents.Defendant Sentenced to Life in Prison for Child Molest: In January 2000, a male defendant was sentenced to 141 years-to-life in prison.An investigation by the San Diego Police Department and the local FBI uncovered a videotape and photographs of the defendant molesting a young child.They send the children e-mails, instant messages, and obscene photographs.When they have gained the victim's trust, they try to arrange a secret meeting.My question involves criminal law for the state of: NY (my residence) and Connecticut for minor I am 24 living in NY..I recently chatted with a teenager (16) on one of web messengars.

I only visited Habbo Hotel a couple of times on my own and somehow it just wasn’t as funny. It was a long time ago, she said, but if she had known what I was doing, naturally she would have banned me.

Police say Shockey asked the "girl" how old she was and whether she liked "older guys." The conversation quickly turned sexual, according to court documents, with Shockey commenting on the teen's body and asking whether she would let him kiss her and touch her sexually.

Later, Shockey also sent lewd photos and videos of himself to the fake profile, police say."Shockey stated that he thought I may be too young to talk to and told me to 'delete' the chat," the officer wrote in her report.

Seven years ago I sat with my friend in her dining room meeting strangers on Habbo Hotel.

We explored the rooms in the game, chatted with other players and had “avatar sex” with them – all this happened while her mum was in the next room, . Every time we logged on we experienced the rush of discovering something new about sex.

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