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Katerina’s father, Joseph, is African, and her mother, Natasha, is of Jewish (half Russian and half Polish) ancestry and she herself was born in Geneva, Switzerland.Earlier this year, Katerina played a Latina named Maria Ramirez in Universal Pictures' dance film, reasons. 22.“The elevator pitch for the show is it examines the point of intersection between headlines and alibis,” Sunjata said when he visited Yahoo TV for a Facebook Live interview. “They actually are good people,” executive producer Josh Berman says of his characters.“How do the world of the legal system and the world of the media intersect for mutual [benefit]? “Both Julia and Jake have a strong moral compass, but they also work within systems that are broken.

He assembled a coalition of Malinke chiefdom's and in 1235 led them to victory in the Battle of Kirina.

) and proving why he's one of TV's best leading men.

Gripping and intriguing, I'm excited to see Sutherland's new term get off to such an epic start.

This date celebrates the birth of an African King Sundiata Keita, also known as Mari Diata, in approximately 1210.

Keita was the founder and ruler of the Mali Empire in West Africa.

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