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Music, your car, clothes, but the one thing you actually fought over was boys. You both fancied him; he sat next to you in French, and next to her in Trigonometry. You had somehow developed a major crush on him that you had no way of controlling.

He posts a lot of cartoon video clips that consist of funny subject matters and also stories.

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Braison, a singer-songwriter who's currently working on new music, and Christina, a 2013 graduate of Georgetown University, aren't exactly keeping their budding romance on the DL.All content posted on this blog does not belong to us unless otherwise stated. Mark’s last name is spelled Duàn (段) using the Mainland’s pinyin system but those from Taiwan spell it Tuan. People from the Mainland spell it as Li, but those from Taiwan spell it Lee (as do those from Hong Kong and Korea)). Unless it comes right from Mark, his family, or JYPE, all else is false.We do not know Mark personally, therefore we do not know who he’s dated before, or if he’s ever been in a relationship.* If you are not asking a question specifically regarding Mark or GOT7, please do not ask anonymously or visit our to ask your question.* Please read the FAQ page in its entirety before asking your question. Ashton Irwin would rather date you than your sister? " You laughed as it finally registered in your brain. One day your sister came home and ranted to you about how he was so obviously flirting with her during class. When Calum finally asked you out, you were a bit hesitant to say yes. You got back home late, but your younger sister was up waiting for you.

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