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The population of the South West region is actually 5,289,000 according to the 2011 census and that places the region 6th out of the 9 regions in terms of population, so a region of low population density, when compared to much of the rest of England.The more rural aspects of the region is taken into account with regards to the dating advice we give below.

Edward became fond of his new stepmother, whom he is recorded as presenting with a gold and ruby ring and she often interceded for him to avert the wrath of his stern father.

On 7th February, 1301, at a Parliament held at Lincoln, Edward was created the first English Prince of Wales by his father.

Edward was a tall, strong and handsome youth who loved music and acting.

Tucked into a window frame, a small wooden bench holds six candleholders adorned with the faces of the six victims along with flowers and messages.

Two photo frames are placed above, one with an image of those who died, the other listing the names of the survivors.

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