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I didn’t feel comfortable having a known rapist on my friends list, so I unfriended and blocked him when he began making uncomfortable comments about wanting to get close to sexual assault survivors, but not before taking screen shots of his post. I sent the screen shots of his post to his workplace.I wouldn’t have done it at all, but he works with very young children, most of them with special needs, as a bus driver, where he has very close proximity to them.The company’s home page encourages phone actors to “SIGN UP now!!!

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You did not invite his confidence, and he was not attempting to stay private; you were given this information without asking or searching for it, and what you heard gave you understandable reason to be concerned.

The absolutely last thing I want to have happen is know that this man could potentially prey on these children and I had a way to warn someone who could do something and didn’t.

I don’t know if he was ever fired or spoken to as of this time.

Mahany said the class action, which must be certified by the court, could wind up including 1,000 current and former phone actors who worked for Tele Pay over the past three years, as reported.

On its website, Tele Pay describes itself as a “booking agent” whose job is to “negotiate and book engagements” for the workers, referred to in its employment materials as actors.

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