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He is standing on the rubble of his parents' house and walks around the perimeter of what was once the living room.

They have to be here beneath him, underneath shredded mattresses, clothing, a child's bicycle and tons of concrete. Had he not been detained by the Israeli military, he too would have ended up in this concrete tomb.

So far he has found only 13 legs, with small and large feet.

The two small brothers, the grandparents, the mother, the two sisters and the little niece.

He had survived a collision with a bus in the West Bank that killed his father and critically injured his mom.

Luckily for this baby, he was properly restrained in a car seat during the accident and only suffered from minor injuries during the crash.

When 9-month-old Yamen arrived at a hospital in Jerusalem, the infant was lucky to be alive.

But now they've been here almost two weeks; the site smells of death and there are flies buzzing around.

Zaki walks across the rubble and doesn't know what to do.

Before her shift ended, Ola wanted to ensure that Yamen continued to receive the care he needed and posted to an Isareli Facebook page in search of volunteers who were willing to wet nurse him.

For an entire week, eight people -- women, children and an elderly man -- were trapped in their house in Gaza. An hour before the cease-fire, the family was wiped out by Israeli bombs. But how can he identify them with these feet, blackened as they are with dirt and blood?

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