Scott walker consolidating power

Scott Walker wants to shutter commissions overseeing labor disputes, for-profit colleges and judicial ethics in Wisconsin.

The governor unveiled his proposals to end the state's Labor and Industry Review Commission, Educational Approval Board and Judicial Commission in his biennial budget proposal last week.

For three years, Wisconsin prosecutors have been investigating whether Republican Gov.

Under the governor's proposal, cases formerly handled by the commission would be transferred to the state Department of Administration or state Department of Workforce Development.It's been picking up business from northern Illinois and is marketing itself as an alternative to Chicago's busy O'Hare International Airport.But in 2008, Scott Walker, Wisconsin's Republican governor who was then the Milwaukee County executive, was pushing hard to sell off the airport, arguing for a deal that would generate million annually for the county transit system. In his January 2010 "state of the county" speech, Walker called for more privatization.The plan ended up backfiring and costing the county extra money when a judge ordered to reinstate the guards and give them back pay, meaning the government had to pay both the public workers and private guards for a period of time.More than a hundred years ago, Wisconsin progressives launched a movement founded on the opposite principle: If the risks inherent in life in the modern age can be shared and distributed, they can be lessened for all.

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