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By Chris Cillizza at The Washington Post As I’ve watched and listened to Donald Trump’s campaign pitch over the past few months, I am regularly reminded of the Republican presidential primary campaigns that Pat Buchanan ran in the 1990s.Buchanan ran as a “pitchfork populist” in those elections, an outsider fed up with the way both parties did their business in Washington.FIX: Is Donald Trump the logical heir, issues-wise and tonally, to your presidential campaigns? Buchanan: Trump is sui generis, unlike any candidate of recent times.And his success is attributable not only to his stance on issues, but to his persona, his defiance of political correctness, his relish of political combat with all comers, his “damn the torpedos” charging in frontally where others refuse to tread, as in that full retaliatory response to Hillary Clinton’s stab at him for having a “penchant for sexism.” Trump shut her down.And the thing is, the increased ability to sort out potential mates according to predefined preferences may also be making the United States more politically polarized.In 1999, only two percent of American singles had used an online dating service in their search for a partner, but that number has grown exponentially in the years since.The reaction was generally positive to the Republicans’ choice to replace CBO Director Doug Elmendorf, who has served in the position since.

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In a message, he asked me for my number, and the rest, as they say, is history. I am a data nerd, and leaping to conclusions about data is a pet peeve of mine.corroborating data, it seems that just about everyone on the center and left has become an instant expert on the fact that Confederate statues were erected because of Jim Crow.“The jury obviously is out on that.” Hall will formally succeed Elmendorf on April 1, whose departure was foreordained by the Republican takeover of Congress in last November’s mid-term election.The new Republican leadership wanted to put its stamp on that critical position, although some conservatives initially sought to keep the Princeton and Harvard educated Elmendorf on for another term.

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