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When the kundalini ascends, it must pierce through each of the seven chakras.

This is why there is so much emphasis on the number seven in many ancient spiritual texts and also what has been corrupted in the Judeo/Christian Bible.

Anderson and mentioned to be defiant fanatics unlike the Zensunni pacifists; Zenshiite slaves are behind the uprising on Poritrin.

Zensufism is a hybrid of Zen and Sufism, a form of Islamic mysticism which, based on epigrams in Chapterhouse: Dune, would have figured in Dune 7.

The term for those religions derived from a syncretic fusion of denominations of Buddhism and Islam.

The connection of the Zensunni with Buddislam suggests the latter arose during the Third Islamic Movement associated with the Maometh Saari (see below under Third Islam).

Ministry: At a marriage ceremony, he performed the miracle of converting water into wine. All of the Pagan myths had been circulating for centuries before Jesus birth (circa 4 to 7 BCE).

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His birth was prophesized by a star in the heavens. The godman's sacrificial death reunites the believer with God and atones for the original sin.

The ancient religions were based upon completing our Creator Satan’s work: that of transforming the human soul into that of a god and achieving god-like power and immortality. The Judeo/Christian Bible is a corruption of stolen material that has been used to spiritually enslave humanity. The Vatican and its cohorts have gained wealth, power, and control by forcing people to believe these allegories are literal places and characters.

The completion of the work, what is known in alchemy as the “Magnum Opus” has its foundation in the kundalini.

The kundalini serpent ascends the 33 vertebrae of the spine.

The seven chakras are also very important in the work.

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