Rain dating song hye kyo dating a guy one year younger than you

This led to her being cast in a small role in her first television drama, First Love.

The romance was said to have begun in August 2004 when the two were shooting"Full House".

I've seen a lot of videos showing both of them and they're very sweet together..i'm just curious, Are they dating??

I'm not against it, if they are though, I'd be happy coz i want them together...

On March 8, 2011, both Hyun and Song's talent agencies confirmed that they have broken up in early 2011. ....'descendants of sun'.....which has gotten all d fanz of korean drama so crazy!! ....definetly going to b bestest drama of all time....from INDIA Since the day i saw your drama 'that winter the wind blows' i become a great fan of you and your country.....are the cutest actress for me...so obsessed about your dramas and movies that all my friends now calls me korean..was a university student studying spanish but i've changed my coursework from spanish to korean.....i wish i could meet you in real life......bless you with a lot of success and happiness :-) I am an American male and have started watching Korean drama's. Keep up the good work and hope to see more of you in TV and the big screen! So uncool that the site allows duplicates entries, so please accept my apology fellow readers, and administrator of asianwiki...

In 2011 she filmed the movie La Quotidienne which will be released later in the year. Please have kids soon for you will waste such beauty if you will not pass it to your kids.. Even though I do not understand Korean..the drama That Winter, The Wind Blows... Please delete this post and one of my other previous post that's doubled-up from a "505 error msg" when posting.

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