Personal dating cites of gay bi sexual men

Advertisements were displayed over the course of a 72-hour period and participants were directed to a Web-based survey.

In total, 604 men clicked through the advertisement, and 92 users completed the survey.

These new technologies have generated quicker and easier modes for men who have sex with men to meet potential partners based on attraction and physical proximity.

Our sample was recruited from Grindr, the most commonly used of these mobile apps among MSM, using broadcast advertising.

It is geared at younger gay men who have not personally witnessed the first waves of AIDS.

This drama that is viewed by tens of thousands of viewers online takes on the subject of HIV/AIDS in a matter-of-fact and candid way.

Geosocial-networking apps like Grindr have been used increasingly among men who have sex with men (MSM) to meet anonymous partners.

These mobile dating apps employ global positioning system technology to facilitate connections with other users based on their current location.

Denise Ingram is used to explaining herself, and it shows.

She speaks with the measured evenness and experienced passion, the professional restraint and distant hurt of a sociologist who did plenty of her coursework outside of a classroom.

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