Payloadvalidatinginterceptor multiple xsd

The element is in a namespace, so like all elements in a namespace, the name must be prefixed in an XPath expression.No, the default namespace in the stylesheet does not apply to unprefixed names in XPath expressions.Adding the Payload Validating Interceptor in the spring context file results in the same error when the server attempts to start: What you need to do is disable the Unique Particle Attribution check.

/xslt2 /n main with Saxon something like java -jar dir/saxon9-xsl:-it:main I am not familiar with Eclipse or Oxygen, ask in a forum dedicated to that software if you don't find a setting yourself.As XML adoption within the enterprise increases, a growing number of slow-performing applications demonstrates that existing overtaxed software systems cannot support next-generation applications.Enterprises need a platform that addresses XML's performance, security, and management requirements head-on.However, in most cases it is easier this way,that was defined above.There is an optional property for 'request Suffix' and 'response Suffix'.

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