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So to me, the most important part of playing a trans woman was to do it with the same dignity and grace I’d use to play any woman who was fighting for her right to exist. I kissed Kristin Dattilo softly on the lips for a brief few seconds, then took a breath and went in for more. Thing you learned from being a club kid and “It” girl? People were curious about what I had to offer, and they were incredibly supportive when I put myself out there.

And although is a comedy, the role itself was in no way mocking or embarrassing trans people. The network requested they edit out the going-in-for-more part, because the kissing was tolerable, but liking it was pushing their boundaries. It’s hard to imagine that would be so shocking, but sadly, it was. It was a life-changing experience actually, on many levels. We had no money and we weren’t debutantes, so we were celebutantes.

Once you have children your life will not be the same one.

conscious Facebook women, but you probably remember a big blow-up last year when she “exposed” Subway for having yoga mat chemical in their bread.

She went on to write and star in the seminal AIDS play . Jonathan Soroff: Is there a show or movie of yours you watch repeatedly?

Tyrese visited Wendy Williams two weeks before he proposed.Open the world of free communication for yourself and enjoy meeting new people with our online services.Download our free apps to stay in touch Members already registered: Modern image of the family has changed dramatically since 50s of the previous century.But ultimately, this show is about relationships and friendships and parenting and dating. I happened to have known a number of trans people in my young adulthood, although the language around it was different then. And for me, I was finally saying and doing something that mattered. A lot was different at the time, including the fact that a cisgender gal like myself played a transgender woman at all. Nowadays it seems almost silly to talk about those roles as being edgy, particularly that of Rhonda Roth, an awesome character on who happened to be gay. We had the first-ever lesbian make-out scene on network TV. Do you like or seek out roles that push the envelope? I’ve lived an interesting life and known all kinds of people, so the more variety I get to play, the happier I am. I could turn this somewhat vacuous celebrity into an experience that really meant something. I felt like I’d finally earned a spot in the community. I don’t really have favorites, but there have certainly been roles that had a greater effect on my life than others. Do you view yourself as fearless, a word that’s often used to describe you?

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