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The Bluefish Caves in Yukon lie in a region known as Beringia that stretched from the Mackenzie River in N. Twenty-three fragments studied by Lauriane Bourgeon "definitely" show signs of being cut by human tools, Burke said.

to Siberia nearly 24,000 years ago during the last ice age. "We have lots of lines of evidence that are converging on what looks like quite a coherent story of what looks like human presence," said Ariane Burke, an anthropologist at the University of Montreal.

31 January 2014 This is a brief overview of the oldest golf clubs, courses and 18-hole courses in North America, without in-depth research.

Civilizations like the Olmec, Maya, Aztec and Inca all built pyramids to house their deities, as well as to bury their kings.Mesoamerican peoples built pyramids from around 1000 B. up until the time of the Spanish conquest in the early 16th century. American pyramids were generally built of earth and then faced with stone, typically in a stepped, or layered, shape topped by a platform or temple structure.The earliest known pyramid stands at La Venta in Tabasco, Mexico. In many cases, pyramids in Latin America were rebuilt again and again over already existing structures, in order to glorify the current ruler.Three dates are given for each club where available.Club foundation date 1917 The Savannah Golf Club, in Georgia, USA can trace its origins back to 1794 and claim to be the oldest golf club in North America and USA.

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