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" I'm just thinkin' in my mind Like I ain't made it 'til I made a safe haven for my mom I think I fucked up too many times Don't think she fully understand the whole grind Wonder if Alana know why daddy go She can't get Doc mixed up as her daddy, bro [Joe Budden] I been there, playin' a role, couldn't take it They told me you gotta fake it 'til you make it Against my will I tried everything to embrace it And then I transformed into everything that I hated I always picture me spendin' bank in the district Then I learned you get famous before you get rich They'll think you ballin', you might have to bounce on Dudes countin' your money You thought that you could count on [Tsu Surf] Called my phone, tryin' to book me for a fuckin' battle I'm still havin' battles of my own Some battles I don't feel strong enough to win Even if I did, I rarely win them battles with Patron So pessimistic, I need to stop it, this shit ain't easy Alana called me, yellin': "Daddy! " Why I be feelin' stuck and shit Like this money ain't cuttin' it?

[Joe Budden] Different stages, different phases Different animals, different cages Different charges, that's different cases Been the same me all along with different aces Every month, different cops kill different faces They indifferent, wish it was happenin' to different races Different decade, can't tell we in different ages Same gang, same result, just different places [Tsu Surf] I been tryin' to separate my wants from my needs Mom said I'm like my pops "That apple don't fall far from that tree." I couldn't quote her If he was anything like me we would definitely be closer But she kinda got a point Man, I need to roll another joint So much come with that pop shit Whoever confronted that pop shit Deffo wish we was closer, I hate it, but I chuck it up I was in the streets, a lost cause, I probably fucked it up I was younger though, that was just a lesson He left him when he really needed protection Say he and him, I hate sayin' us Late nights I was stayin' up Waitin', fell asleep, thinkin' I hate him Cold hearted ‘cause I gotta be, he ain't have to lie to me Man, why this shit even still bother me?

I don’t have a load of sentiment analysis to back that up — just 20 years of lived experience, and a Twitter feed full of conference conversations — but it feels like there’s a fairly constant need to: Some of this is because lots of our work is abstract and intangible, so “meatspace” becomes more important and real.

Some of it is because we’re a tribe of curious people who want to constantly learn and reflect.

" did you say "No thank you, I'm terribly sorry, but I'm a lesbian"?

When I said "Hello my darling, would you like a Coca-Cola?

And yet I’d still willingly fall into flings with these guys. One Friday night, I’d double-booked myself on two dates.

“I’m just looking for something casual.”I know I’m saying I just want to hook up at the moment, but if you stick around long enough, I’ll realize that you’re perfect for me — and we’ll live happily ever after, just like in all those romantic comedies your mother loves. I’d repeat the same pattern, hear some form of the same line, over and over again. They, too, had been dealing with paramours on the prowl for no-strings sex. But, ever the optimist, I continued to date, wary of guys who would tell me they just wanted casual sex right off the bat.Voices in my head, I need to scream it out Man, I did bad things, I ain't proud and I ain't glad things They was tryna press me, I gave 'em Jordan; that's mad rings Buncha shit, tell me how you think I should handle it Or manage it, fuck, I wasn't ready for this camera shit And grandma's sick, goddamn, man, grandma's sick Fuck, I'm probably ramblin', shit, here I go ramblin' [Joe Budden] Somethin' gotta give with it You don't get rid of your demons, you learn to live with it 4/5th in the capsule Painkillers for the nights you get sick with it Blinders over your eyes, my nigga, shit's vivid Get livid, shit twisted, it'll happen like a bad disaster And niggas see you like a battle rapper But you your own worst enemy, so when you leave Smack you have to have a real battle after [Tsu Surf] You right, but I lost three homies in like four weeks Same place I call home, nothin' about Newark sweet And I don't keep it on me just so I could hold heat I keep it ‘cause the reaper layin' niggas in these cold streets If I go, how my daughter gon' eat? But I'm so outta love you gotta pardon if I care I swear, the distaste stems from this space I think the love is lost, they think it's misplaced [Tsu Surf] I think it's like, suddenly every bitch got time When I'm back home, I be feelin' like Le Bron They say, "You made it! They say when you speak it, you bring it in the flesh Few of my niggas left, and I'm feelin' like a nigga next [Joe Budden] My nigga, stop it, you got time on your side like that Glock is That paranoia got you obnoxious Let me paint an angle: You ain't lose friends, you gained angels So before bed you should be sayin' thank you And oh, far as your seed, just be there and stay put I only see mine on my baby mother's Facebook You got a hand in rap and one in the streets Gotta be faithful to one when them two sides meet [Tsu Surf] Me and my baby mama tried to work it out again Same results, was just runnin' her mouth again Pushed me away, I won't lie, I dipped out again Here I go tryin' to freshly paint an old house again Do they always leave with more than they came with? oh God, you can't say anything without some dreadful double entendre lurking around the corner! Not so much a hint, more a Party Political Broadcast.

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