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That’s enough to fill two entire bathtubs apparently.

Most amusing of all, in a recent study 80% of staff employed in the UK claimed to have found out more of what’s going on at work over a cup of tea than in any other way.

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As soon as people realise that the majority in this country take drugs, then the better off we'll all be.

’ instead of hello, we stand in shop queues for days on end (not actually complaining, just huffing), and we use posh words like ‘ghastly’ all the time.

Oh, we also spend our evenings perched in our flowery armchairs drinking tea, maybe polished down with some scones or… When I think about it, maybe it’s more than a little true that we love tea. If there’s a British person who doesn’t like tea, you should be worried. Something is very wrong and you need to get to the root of the problem immediately. If you have 2 sugars or more, you’re probably the one that everyone talks about.

The company provides on-the-job training and skills development for women in the 3814 zip codes.

June 13, 2017 - (Left to right) Doris Sanders, Danyelle Parker, Phyllis Hubbard, and April Powell work inside My Cup of Tea, a small business of tea packaging and distribution that has become a social enterprise in Orange Mound.

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