Muslim dating melbourne

A good way to find local groups is to search on Meetup or other social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Local libraries offer a wide range of services to help you feel more comfortable in your new surroundings.

Apart from often having multilingual books, magazines and newspapers, they also run regular events, clubs and training sessions that can help you meet new faces.

Joining a library is a simple process, and well worth the small effort it takes.

For Assafiri, owner of Moroccan Deli-Cacy, it is important to set the agenda for the rest of the country on how to create a cohesive community and have respectful conversations.

Young Muslim American fighting Islamophobia, one ignorant question at a time “Nothing is off the table, and your questions can absolutely be frank and candid,” Assafiri tells the group of about 30 men and women gathered around the tables at her restaurant.

If anybody puts forward a view that accepts the oppression, violation or subjugation of women, then that needs to be interrogated and rejected.” Assafiri’s speed-dating event is more informal than the conventional one where men rotate around the room and approach a different woman every few minutes when a timer goes off.

Over the course of an hour, men and women drift between tables and in and out of conversations with the Muslim women.

Respectfully, we can ask why people wear the hijab, do they sleep in it, do they shower in it.

The point of this exercise is to break down the divisions that exist in this simplistic environment that only seeks to demonise and further marginalise Muslim women.” However, Assafiri makes it clear that each woman offers her opinion and is not speaking for Islam or Muslims as a whole.

She also touches upon domestic violence and abuse of women, saying, “There is nothing sacred about the abuse of women within Islam.

is as equally about making friends and finding community as it is about dating.

This one’s designed to help non-resident Indian singles meet and match.

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