Medical doctor dating site

The Catch22 community includes graduate students and young professionals aged 22-40 who have attended the nation's top universities and colleges.Schools include those on par with top 50 ranked national undergraduate universities and liberal arts colleges or top 25 ranked graduate programs.* Exceptions include medical students and physicians, all of whom are eligible.Many single doctors have met their matches on this great club.

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There are few more eligible professionals out there, but with such a demanding job and erratic hours dating a doctor comes with its own challenges.Meeting like-minded, smart singles who value education, professional achievement and living life to the fullest has never been easier.Whether you matriculated from the Ivy League, a great state school or built your career from the ground up, Catch22Dating is the online dating site for doctors like you.Email (Send & Receive) allow members to interact within Medical Passions without giving out personal contact details.Chat options include text chat, audio chat & webcam chat.*Medical Passions is one site within the Passions Network network of 260 niche online dating social networking sites.

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