Matt damon is dating

The former couple — known to the masses as "Bennifer" — were together for 18 months from 2002 until 2004.

Ben and Jennifer (left) and Jennifer and Marc (right).

Luciana also has an 18-year-old daughter from a previous marriage.

All four children were absent on Friday night to allow their parents some alone time.

And Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso are clearly still as in love as ever as they headed for a romantic dinner on Friday night.

The couple dressed down for the low-key date at Katsuya Japanese restaurant.

She can play a character but she doesn't disappear into the character—she makes the character her." She said that when she was fired it hurt her confidence for a year, but after that nothing could hurt her and that she attributes her time to SNL as being a key reason why she has been so tough in her career.

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Asos, Mango and Jigsaw have all got rounded options that will do the trick.(Photo Credits: Getty Images) "He just got cast as this person that he wasn’t," Matt added of Ben's relationship with the "Booty" singer. It was painful to be his friend, because it wasn’t fair, you know?If you're a big fan of “Good Will Hunting,” then watching the Emmys probably made your night. You know, the relationship that ended “Ten years ago, the public image of [Affleck] could not have been farther apart from who he actually is,” Damon said. It was painful to be his friend, because it wasn’t fair, you know? Seems like Damon has the urgency of a man on his deathbed to share all his big opinions, with the most recent installment regarding his best friend, Ben Affleck's, relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

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    And it seems that the arrival of their little boy, Joshua, has completed the couple's family as they were caught putting on a very loved-up display on their arrival to the TLC Chinese Theatre.