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Consult in-game books and reliable online databases for fact-gathering.

Statements requiring sources may have a The Dunmer, more commonly referred to as Dark Elves, are the dark skinned elves originating from the province of Morrowind.

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This is simply for your convenience, and final totals are still charged in USD.Charlie's answer: I am from NC and lived in the wild many years ago back in the early 80's.The ranger was pretty upset with me being there and fishing without a license but after a few moments of listening to me he said that he wished he was in my position and out there living without hardly any care.In their native province of Morrowind many of the Dunmer belong to one of the seven Great Houses, where their occupation ranges from farmers (House Dres) to assassins for the Morag Tong.The province of Morrowind, formerly known as Resdayn, is located in the northeastern corner of Tamriel.

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