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The system looks at true/false statements like "There is no significant third party or independent campaign" and " Lichtman's qualifications: 1) "It takes six keys to count the party in power out, and they have exactly six keys.And one key could still flip, as I recognized last time — the third party key, that requires Gary Johnson to get at least five percent of the popular vote.He could slip below that, which would shift the prediction." 2) "Donald Trump broadly regarded as a history-shattering, precedent-making, dangerous candidate who could change the patterns of history ....The idea is that if more than half of the keys are true, the incumbent party will stay in power, and if more than half are false, the challenging party will win the White House.

I was also competing at the Oxford Union whilst in Oxford.

Moraitis School I had the privilege of being the forensics coach of some very bright students in Moraitis School.

This involved teaching speech, argumentation, logical thinking and rhetoric skills as well as creative skills for acting and interpreting literature.

He makes his predictions based on 13 true/false statements that he says indicate whether the incumbent party will retain the White House or lose it in a given election.

Lichtman and Russian scientist Volodia Keilis-Borok came up with the keys - a series of true/false statements - in the early 1980s.

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