Kim ha neul kang ji hwan dating

Three years later, with Jae-jun long gone, but not forgotten Su-ji works on a Russian mafia case involving biological weapons.

During her undercover work, Su-Ji poses as a janitor and runs into Jae-Joon while cleaning the men’s restroom.

The charming actor made fans swoon with his fanservice during the onstage games where he gave fans backhugs, serenaded them and even took several selfies.

Before the memorable session came to an end, the actor expressed that he was already looking forward to his next visit to Singapore and he hoped that he can return soon.

This reporter had been expecting the worst for what appeared to be a spin-off of ``Mr. Smith,’’ but Shin Tae-ra’s buoyant spy romance ``My Girlfriend Isn’t an Agent’’ is a promising asset to the South Korean romantic comedy genre.

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By Lee Hyo-won Staff Reporter Don’t be discouraged by the rather familiar plotline or the tacky English title.A star-studded drama starring the nation’s little sister IU, Korean heartthrobs and flower boys Lee Joon Ki, Kang Ha Neul, Hong Jong Hyun, Baek Hyun (from EXO), Nam Joo Hyuk, and Ji Soo, Scarlet Heart is based on the remake of popular Chinese drama series 步步惊心.Kang Ha Neul, who plays the 8’ (IU) falls in love with in the drama, mentioned that he knew about the Chinese series of Scarlet Heart (步步惊心) even before the Korean remake was announced because of its immense popularity, hence there was a lot of pressure that went into this production.Su-ji (Kim) is a National Intelligence Service (NIS) spy who poses as a travel agent.While she is adept with James Bond-style gadgets and pulling off Jackie Chan stunts in a wedding dress, she’s terrible when it comes to lying to her boyfriend Jae-jun (Kang).

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