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Luckily, Rosalina is there to help him through it all. Suddenly a teenage boy stepped out in front of her wearing old, worn clothes. ""Excuse me," She said, trying to step around the boy."Don't you know that it's not polite to walk away from someone when their talkin'? " He said, grabbing her forearm."Let me go," She said firmly, trying to pull her arm away from the boy."C'mon, live a little.""Let me go," Rosalina said loudly, pulling on her arm harder."Why don't you try havin' some fun? ""Uncle Miles threatened to stop giving us money to help pay the bills.""But why? "They ordered a pizza and were watching TV when the doorbell rang. He opened the door to see the band's former bassist Kristina standing there. I stopped by her house but her dad says she went out and I thought she might come here.""Yeah, she's here. ""No, I can't, my mom's waiting for me downstairs but I needed to talk to her for a few minutes.""Hold on," Nat turned away from the door. " Kristina asked with a grin on her face."It's a really long's annoying. Nat and Alex are practically living on their own and the stress is beginning to get at Nat. Well, even though sometimes it's hard to write two stories at once, I've become bored with myself because after I update 'Mystery Girl', I have nothing to do! I hope you guys like it because I just started writing..this is what happened. Rosalina ran down the street, trying to put some distance between herself and her house. His uncle is threatening to stop helping with the bills, the band is getting a bad image because of the press, and he doesn't know what to do. Her father brought home another woman and apparently they'd been dating for a few months now, so he thought Rosalina should meet this woman because they were getting serious. If he finds out about what the press is saying, he'll be way too stressed out."Kristina nodded.

So I guess the old adage "you get what you pay for" stands. Not in the airport terminal as advertised on kayak. Employee didn't go over hidden costs, I signed for waiving of insurance and road side assistance, or so I thought Price, with hidden costs, was double the quoted price on kayak.

But with so much at stake Alex knows that failure isn’t an option, so he enlists the aid of his band mates to clandestinely stage events designed to make Nat believe he’s a wilderness hero.

It's Christmastime but Nat has the holiday blues thanks to the fact that Rosalina's letters from abroad have recently been ending with a steadily decreasing number of Xs and Os.

Wait times for shuttle pick up as well as for checking out a car seemed long. I had also noticed that I had been overcharged by .

After waiting 15 minutes or so to get to the counter, there was no option in full size vehicles when I was picking up my car. I detest the old style Chevy Impala because I prefer to drive something comfortable, well made, and at least a little fun. So I went back in and requested something else (which they did not argue about).

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