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And timely too, considering every effort by our current regime to cast those of seeming naught into the desperate oblivions of a world only slightly less unhinged than the one depicted in this film.

With a nod to the current depravity of our day, the film opens (forgive my indulgence) in the wet dream of said regime whose spooging head is our ever-ranting, ever-pissy Child-in-Chief — let’s call him Boy — he who nightly wets his bed and in the dreamy slosh fingers blindly for his own plundered asshole.

Countless intimidatingly-fat reports and studies are stored on government hard drives and shelves; in some offices, they are so heavy that the floor beneath must be reinforced with concrete, and then reinforced again as the stacks grow.

They are, in a way, a vast and dispersed collection of meta-landscapes, albeit mind-numbingly bureaucratic and boring ones.

It’s easy to say she is just naturally charismatic, but I believe anyone can develop charisma.

Charisma simply is caring deeply about something and having the courage to uncork some passion and share it with others.

Traversing their virtual terrain is like taking a two-week backpacking trip through a densely overgrown wilderness of agency jargon and acronyms, with no machete to clear the path and only a table of contents to serve as map.She delivers this on one of the most imposing stages imaginable with quite the intimidatingly impressive audience, and she flat out shines: As the father of two young daughters, I especially admire what a powerful presence she has as a young woman.She is confident and charismatic and gets a standing ovation deservedly. I want my girls to be able to plant their feet as firmly and connect with others as strongly as this young woman does.The site is edited by Karen Jeynes and Chris Hancock Unathi Kondile (@unathikondile) is an Eastern Cape Refugee living in the City of Cape Town – he hails from Centane (in the former Transkei) and is a member of the Cirha clan, the Ncibanes, the Nojaholos and the Ntswentswes who were once upon a time the friends of King Phalo.He spends his days surrounded by academics and students whilst pursuing his own research around Culturally Transforming South Africa’s Print and Broadcast Media.

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