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The Domestic Violence Liaison Program is an initiative of the Department of Human Resources and the Department on the Status of Women to provide city employees with domestic violence prevention and intervention resources.

Liaisons are city employees who volunteer to receive specialized training on intimate partner violence to aid co-workers who need extra assistance in the workplace due to domestic violence.

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You can contact a Domestic Violence Liaison from any department, regardless of your department.Domestic Violence Liaison Contact List 072517.xlsx​ If you cannot reach someone right away and need immediate assistance, you may also contact: What is domestic violence?Domestic violence is a pattern of abuse in which one partner in an intimate relationship attempts to take power and control over another.And while the women shared a variety of answers explaining the appeal of sleeping with women when they only envision themselves in relationships with men - they all agreed that they had no interest in pursuing a relationship with any of their female partners.Social question: You Tube star Jaclyn Glenn (pictured), 27, was inspired to ask four straight women why they have sexually experimented with other females after realizing it was a growing trend among her friends Meanwhile, April and Nickey describe their sexual experiences with women as being surprisingly pleasurable, explaining that being female already gave their partners a better understanding of their bodies.'They want to sleep with straight girls because it is a challenge and everybody likes the challenge,' Nezvera explains, while April adds: 'I don't know.

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