Iggy dating madonna

Madonna’s custody battle with her eldest son Rocco, 16, who is now living with his father Guy Ritchie in London, added to the tensions.

Mr Sampaio is said to have impressed Madonna by keeping their friendship quiet and earning her trust.

While denying she has gone under the knife for butt implants on multiple occasions, Iggy has admitted to having several plastic surgeries done.'Four months ago, I got bigger boobs!

I'd thought about it my entire life,' she told Vogue in 2015, adding she initially didn't want to tell anyone but decided 'I wasn't into secret keeping'.

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but that's not stopping her from exposing it like it's 1992 again. She liked how he did not ‘go running to the press’ after their first date, a source said.The two have been seen on a getaway in Lisbon as they continue to get to know each other.'I had a lot of changes and a breakup and was sort of like, "Wow, okay.Now I’m a single woman in my mid-20s and I want to talk about other stuff now!

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