I am nude chatroulette

In another comment, he says: CR already has more users than delicious, foursquare, tumblr, and a number of other investments we’ve made had when we made them…of course that doesn’t mean we can or should invest.

i’m concerned that the use case for the most part today is online freak shows and that doesn’t seem like a sustainable or monetizable proposition.

With the help of my trusty pink crayon, I’m going to explain how the “OMG!

Looks What Happens When DAUGHTER and FATHER Meet on CHAT ROULETTE!! First, you see a message looking something like the following on Facebook, posted by one of your friends: Tempted to click?

A new web chat service called Chat Roulette has been getting a lot of attention of late, in part because it’s about as raw and unfiltered a form of social media possible: not just chat with random strangers (something that Twitter and other tools also allow), but chat with random strangers. Naked guy.” If nothing else, this raw and unfiltered experience has gotten Chat Roulette plenty of attention — and not just from the media, but from one of the web’s best-known investors, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures.

The addition of video — not surprisingly — brings out the exhibitionist tendencies in some people and the voyeuristic tendencies in others, and Chat Roulette subjects its users to plenty of both. Given the fuss that people have been making about the site, its probably not surprising that people would start trying to track down the founder, and the New York Times finally managed to do just that.

There’s also something about the aesthetics of communicating with single anonymous guys via webcam that makes you assume a johnson is just around the corner.

On a whim, I wrote an opening line - ‘I REFUSE TO NEXT ANYONE! ’ - to paste into the text box before I could be I watched the first guy read the sentence. Turns out he was Argentinean, sitting in his living room in Buenos Aires.

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But just in case you don’t, here it is illustrated with handy arrows..

Then I chatted for a while with a 16 year old kid in China who told me his English was not strong. Next I chatted with a guy in Maryland who loved my opening line so much he vowed to spread it across Chat Roulette. I was a bit uncomfortable about it, but in the name of science I even put The Boy on camera at one point.

I told him I once taught English to Chinese students in Brooklyn and then referred him to some ESOL sites. Onscreen were a few 20-something guys who had the sort of amped energy that went with chugging beers and beating nerds but not necessarily in that order.

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