Hummingbird and dating

It's all going great, and then I hit a wall: I've hated everyone.Researchers have found that the spectacular courtship dive of the Anna's Hummingbird makes it comparatively speedier than a jet fighter at full throttle or the space shuttle re-entering the atmosphere.Often there are similar versions of a food in different regions developing at the same time.It’s not surprising that the Hummingbird cake is of Jamaican decent with its flavor profile of banana and pineapple. In Jamaica, this cake was commonly referred to as the Doctor Bird cake.

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The amazing speeds were measured using a series of cameras which calculated that the male bird, which is only four inches long, attained speeds in excess of 58mph, as it dived from 100ft in the air to impress a mate.

Who better to accompany you for a romantic dinner date?

All those cakes, cupcakes and pastries train bakers to have a superior palate. All that whisking, whipping, lifting and stirring gives them great upper body strength under those aprons! Their skills are certain to impress the family when they bring a homemade dessert along.

Have your fork at the ready, because you get to be their chief taste tester! Look beyond the hairnets, it’s not just the ovens that are hot. Visit one of their six London branches or order online.

Bakers can’t resist using their free time to experiment with different recipes and flavours in their own kitchens. Bakers’ overalls need to be pristine and clean for the kitchen, you won’t find them shirking laundry duties. Hummingbird Bakery brings the authentic taste of home-baked American cakes and desserts to the UK baked fresh from the finest quality ingredients.

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