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Thus, if a same-sex attraction develops, celibacy and singleness, as opposed to homosexual licentiousness, is the proper response (cf. Indeed, anyone suffering from gender confusion should not pursue marriage until the confusion has been biblically resolved.

Though this may seem harsh, it is no different than the requirement placed on all believers to die to sin and live for righteousness through the power of Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit (Romans 6).

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Finding true love is difficult no matter what species you were born into—but at least humans don’t have to worry about being eaten on a first date.

Regardless of the term used, confusion reigns on how to respond to this disorder.

Usually with myth busting you can get a straight answer, but in the case of the Jamie Lee Curtis Hermaphrodite rumors the question has never definitively been answered.

As with the treatment of any rare disorder, gender assignment is complex and subject to human error; thus, it is crucial to seek the most competent biblical and medical counsel.

Furthermore, being born with genetic, psychological, or hormonal abnormalities is no more license for sexual sin than being born with violent tendencies is license for violence.

The term “hermaphrodite” is derived from conjoining the name of the Greek god Hermes with the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

Today, hermaphroditism is appropriately referred to as “intersex” or as a “disorder of sex development” (DSD).

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