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There’s a lot of math in music in that the relationship between vibrations can be phrased mathematically.The art of music of course goes beyond the math in doing things that don’t really come out of a formula, don’t come out of some well defined system of going from one note to the next but using sort of creative genius to do things unexpectedly. The attempt to structure and communicate new ways of composing and hearing music has led to musical applications of set theory, abstract algebra and number theory.Some composers have incorporated the golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers into their work.I couldn't believe how many women were near me that I'd never met before.Boobs, Mature, Tits, Big Tits, Huge Tits 5 month(es) Hardsextube Big Tits Mom Has Tried Everything.Posted: , Author: Odibopud Sex Search : So you can get laid without the work.

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Brian Greene: Perhaps the most familiar kind of interval in music is the octave where you have C and another C They sound kind of the same but the second one is higher pitch relative to the first.

Mathematically we know how those two waves, those two vibrations relate to one another.

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