Growing together dating for singles

And it definitely doesn’t mean keeping God in the center of your relationship is a “once and done” task. If you’re serving in the children’s ministry or some other area during the regular worship service, you could go weeks or months without sitting together in an actual church service. When you pray with your spouse, you’re at your most vulnerable. You may be surprised by how much you will grow together from this simple process. Seeing your spouse care for an orphan or talk to non-believers about Jesus can radically deepen your love and appreciation for their spiritual gifts. It’s one thing to make giving decisions on your own—but when you make those decisions with your spouse, you’re giving them the chance to experience God and all His blessings with you.

It takes some intentionality, but the reward is worth the hard work. There’s nothing wrong with serving (it’s even on this list), but don’t let it turn into an obstacle that keeps you from growing together spiritually. When you watch your spouse practice and cultivate that kind of humility, it can remind you why you fell in love with them in the first place. Plus, tithing can really challenge and stretch your faith, especially if you have a tight budget.

Do you want him to go through the motions of reading and praying with you, or do you truly want deep spiritual growth as a couple?

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Let's look at how this stage might play out by considering some of the same issues we looked at for the early stage.It might be helpful to develop a slow and steady mindset that reminds you that an infinite supply of love is always available. If you can be a steady rock of truth, support, and guidance, you teach your kids that they can deal with anything. Don’t take your kids on dates when you are not in a committed relationship.That perfect person will be there when Finding free time as a single parent can be a challenge. Wait until you know you are in a relationship that is devoted to commitment and growing together (and be sure you’ve given the relationship several months to know it’s working). Introduce your kids slowly and give them time to get used to a new person. Do they seem to be sad, depressed, or grieving the end of the relationship between their parents?Our goal in dating as Christians is to save marital levels of interaction for marriage itself; to care well for the other person's soul, to be different from the world and so to bring glory to God.This time, I want to apply some of the same principles we've been thinking about to a relationship that moves beyond the "early stages" and gets serious.

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