Girl code for dating

"The Camaro guy", "The Trainer dude", "The Four a.m.

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As for her former friend, the insider notes that Ri Ri "knew this was going to cause problems, but couldn't care less about what Naomi thinks, says, or sees." that she "branded her former pal a traitor.” “Rihanna and Jennifer used to be good friends. Lo about her rocky relationship with Drake over the years.

@Super Smitty TV #Guy Code Never say anything negative about another man to a woman.. @ll CT3RRAll #guycode dont moan louder than the female no matter how good it is4. @kjax22 #Guy Code Never tell "single" stories around your friends current gf6. @Rogers NIKE #Guy Code: Always make an effort, call or text her first. Follow us on Twitter and tweet with your favorite guy rules and #Guy Code!

@Hip Hop Dee Dizzle If you dont have a favorite team AND a favorite player, you arent a real fan of the sport #Guy Code3. There is no respect for relationships, it's disgusting.7. #Guy Code What rules do you think guys should live by?

There is no coming back from this." The source adds that the two have been "on the outs for several months," but "Naomi is stunned that Rihanna would stoop this low." Sometimes it seems like the Barbadian beauty can't catch a break from her highly-publicized love life.

In the past, she's dated Chris Brown and Drake — and has even been rumored to hook up with Leonardo Di Caprio.

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